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The Rest Of The Story / Jazz Improvization and History
by Ahmad Alaadeen


"With this book, Alaadeen has opened the door to the complex mind of the jazz musician. The information inside this book is extremely personal and informative at the same time. It is very specific but still leaves room for the user to discover for themselves, their own paths to self expression using the information provided. I am very happy Alaadeen has chosen to share his personal discoveries in the "old school" way with us so that we may continue to grow as musicians, and learn more about the history of this music called jazz in the traditional way. "
...Bobby Watson, Professor of Jazz Studies, University of Missouri-Kansas City
Dysfunctional / life journeys of a second generation jazz musician
by Ahmad Alaadeen


"Charlie Parker, John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Lady Day (Billie Holiday). These are just a few of the individuals mentioned in Dysfunctional, a collection of memoirs from Alaadeen. These are also some of the great artists Alaadeen has not only worked with, but knew personally. Dysfunctional offers insight into the personalities of some of these great musicians. Things about them you may never read in other books or publications. Dysfunctional is a reading that anyone regardless of race, nationality, or life background can learn from. It is at times raw but educational. It is Alaadeen; insightful, organic, spiritual, and educational."
...Najee, Saxophonist/Flautist/Composer
The heartbeat next to my heartbeat
by Victoria Alaadeen


“This is a celebration of the nirvana that an all-knowing Creator intended when He ordained that one heart should find its complement and the two would become as one. In the heartbeat next to my heartbeat, Victoria Alaadeen bravely opens her heart and her memories, allowing us deep into the intimacy she shared with her friend,client, lover and heart, saxophonist Ahmad Alaadeen. Their twenty-four year romance lives beyond his earthbound form as a testament to the human ecstasies that give us an inkling of paradise.
Fanny bravely exposes their precious, private, passionate connection and, in so doing, offers something new to the writing landscape. These outpourings of her soul in grief and recovery, which she calls “beats,” should be required reading for all newlyweds - a how-to for the kind of love that transcends life, a reassurance that in the forfeiture of the I, a we so magnificent will emerge that it trumps anything one could ever be alone.

Compelling, heart bare and insight-rich, Fanny’s writing captures the intimacy of old love that fresh love cannot fathom - doesn’t know to hope for - the reason why a little sanity necessarily is lost with the loss of such a love.  ...Sharon Valleau, Jazz Ambassador Magazine
                                                                                                   and the beauty of it all
The Complete Song Book


This is the complete song book of Ahmad Alaadeen. It includes 31 of his original compositions with photos and commentary by Alaadeen and musicians who were influenced by him and his music.

"Alaadeen really was a player from Kansas City. He was an authority on the R&B-jazz style. He came from that position of improvisation of getting hot, where there weren't any chord changes and they just had the melody and they'd get hot on it. So he carried that forward. He was the go-to guy whenever we had a question or a dispute on the music. He was very soft-spoken, so when he talked everybody listened. He didn't raise his voice; he'd just watch. He was always quiet, well-dressed, stayed to himself, wouldn't put himself out there like a lot of musicians might. He knew he could put his stuff out there every week, but he had a price that he wanted when he came out to play. Whenever he came out and played, it was special. I know that he became one of my influences on the horn. I carry some of him around inside of me every time I play, and I know that every saxophonist in Kansas City would and will say the same thing."
...Bobby Watson, Professor of Jazz Studies, University of Missouri - Kansas City
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