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Released 08.10.07

“I love every track, from the opening cut, The Summer Knows, the reharmonization of Dearly Beloved, and Alaadeen’s The Beauty Of It All, just to name a few. I am still digesting the whole thing. It sets one hell ofa mood!” ... Bobby Watson

“On his latest project, ALAADEEN and the beauty of it all, he’s moved up another notch in creating a piece of work that touches you with loving warmth and radiates throughout your entire body and soul. A most splendid creation and most beautiful indeed. He captures what is the most essential in our treasured art form we call Jazz.” ... Butch Berman, Berman Music Foundation

Released: 07.26.05

“Ahmad Alaadeen is a saxophonist and composer who makes music that manages to be both lyrical and hard-hitting, and not coincidentally, he’s from Kansas City, with its rich jazz tradition. Alaadeen wrote all the music here, and each piece has a catchy, attractive theme with intricate harmonies and construction to challenge the improvisers. And whether it’s the funk of “Beneath Where Rivers Flow” or the flat-out swing of “The Burning Sand,” he and his band are up to every challenge. Alaadeen deserves much greater recognition. New Africa Suite is highly recommended.” ... Marc Meyers, ALL ABOUT JAZZ

Released 05.01.1997

“The four compositions by Alaadeen (the steady “ASR”, the lovely “When Love Has”, the angular ”21st Century Ragg”, and the pulsing “The Ringing”) complement two standards and a Reggie Thomas bop anthem (”Doin’ the Deen”) for a consistently powerful assemblage of confident performing. Alaadeen blows inspiringly both on soprano and tenor and clearly has listened to his ‘Trane. His a cappella rendition of “In The Wee Small Hours of the Morning” successfully sustains interest for nearly five minutes - no small feat.” ...Steven A. Loewy, Cadence

Released 01.01.95

Saxophonist Alaadeen is an inspired player, inventive composer and strong bandleader. Those skills, which he puts to good use with his Deans of Swing, are readily apparent on ‘Blues for RC and Josephine, too.’” ...- Calvin Wilson, Kansas City Star

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1. The Summer Knows
2. And The Beauty of it All
3. Dearly Beloved
4. When Love Has
5. Free Man
6. Detour Ahead
7. They Say It’s Wonderful

1. Grace
2. Beneath Where Rivers Flow
3. Salaam, Shalom, Peace
4. The Burning Sand
5. Time’s Up
5. Home Again
5. The Jinnah Now


1. ‘ASR
2. Doin’ The Dean
3. When Love Has
4. Jeannine
5. 21st Century Ragg
6. In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning
7. The Ringing


1. Blues For RC
2. Josephine
3. Someone To Watch Over Me
4. Wayne Himself
5. Big Six
6. Facade
7. Requiem For Gerald
8. Big’un

                                                                                                  and the beauty of it all
And The Beauty Of It All
New Africa Suite
Time Through The Ages
Blues For R.C. and Josephine, Too
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